What Are Your Business Process Challenges?

TrimFiles Can Find A Solution To Business Process Challenges, Such As:

Information Overload

TrimFiles Customer Challenge

Customer Challenge:
…We’re experiencing content chaos; it’s impossible to find anything and there is duplication of content.

Protect Confidential Information

Customer Challenge:
…We need a way to secure and protect confidential information and provide access rights to certain users.

Sharing & Collaboration

Customer Challenge:
…We need a way to securely share files with business partners and customers.

Information Silos

Customer Challenge:
…Our information resides in silos; our systems cannot talk to each other.

The Email Black Hole

Customer Challenge:
…Information is trapped in email.

Document Processing

Customer Challenge:
…There are inefficiencies in many of our business processes; we lack a streamlined workflow for managing information.

Compliance Regulations

Customer Challenge:
…Our industry has specific compliance requirements that mandate how we manage all our information OR…We don’t have a system in place to back up all our data, including information related to maintaining compliance.

User Adoption or Ineffective Solution

Customer Challenge:
…Our employees are not using the content management system we have, and we often hear it is too cumbersome to use OR…What we have in place is not meeting our needs.