TrimFiles Features

Enterprise Document Management System

Where is that Document?

Sometimes finding the right document when you need it seems impossible. Where was that file saved? Who edited it last?

What if it didn’t matter?

TrimFiles organizes everything in one centralized place based on what it is, so you never have to remember where it’s saved or which version is the right one.


Find it fast

Search for and access files however you want by client, project type, date, status or other criteria. It’s completely dynamic, which means you can organize and display information any way you want to. Say goodbye to static folder structures.

It’s always up to date

In TrimFiles, there’s only one version of every document. No matter what type of document is needed, it’s always current.

Just save it

Adding files and documents to the vault is simple. Just save the document and tell TrimFiles what type of content it is.

No more duplicates

With TrimFiles, the same document can be found many different ways. For instance, a document related to a customer and a project will show up based on the name of the customer, project, or both.

The One and Only Version

Want to make sure that no one modifies a document while you’re editing it? Just check the document out in TrimFiles to protect it from any changes while you make your updates. Checking it back in when you’re done allows everyone to view your changes or make any future edits.


Check it out

Check-in and check-out functions, so you can keep track when a file is being edited and who is making changes.

Track everything

View a change log of every version of the file that shows which user made edits, when they were made as well as other information about lifecycle of the document.

Preserve old versions

Preservation of old versions and the ability to revert back to previous versions is built into TrimFiles

Edit simultaneously

Multiple people can co-author a document at the same time – even when there’s no network access or internet connection.
Edit shared documents with zero irritations

Find the Right Data Instantly

Searching for (and finding) information in TrimFiles is simple and lightning fast, enter by document name, customer, document type, keyword, and more. TrimFiles even searches inside documents to make sure you can easily find anything you’re looking for. And with efficient local caching, files open fast even with slow and unreliable network connections.


Search with any keyword

Looking for a recent invoice or proposal? Just type the related information in to the search field and hit ENTER.

Relevant results appear first

TrimFiles automatically ranks search results to make sure the most relevant documents and information appear at the top of the list..

Search inside documents

TrimFiles features advanced search capabilities, so you can even search the contents of documents – not just titles and metadata.

No duplicates

There’s only one version of every document in TrimFiles, so you’ll never have to deal with confusing duplicates.

Dynamic Views

Dynamic views are virtual folders that organize information automatically. Everything in TrimFiles is organized by WHAT it is instead of WHERE it's stored, which enables you to manage and view documents and other items exactly how you want to.


View everything exactly how you want to

No one knows how to organize your stuff better than you. Standard folder-based systems force you to conform to a pre-determined structure -- one that might not work for you. TrimFiles allows you to view all of your documents and information in the way that's most natural and efficient for you.

Access views from any device

You're not always sitting in front of a computer. Most systems require you to be at the office to be productive. TrimFiles mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows give you access to all of your custom views from any device you're using.

See how everything is connected

Every bit of information in TrimFiles is interconnected. Want to see other invoices from a certain customer or view a related customer's contact information? TrimFiles makes it easy to have a full 360-degree view of your entire business.

Create or modify views at any time

When using a standard folder structure to organize company files, you're stuck with the system that exists. In TrimFiles, you can easily create new views or modify existing dynamic views to meet your needs. Since views are simple filters that show you relevant files and information, you never have to worry about duplicates.

Instantly Familiar

TrimFiles integrates directly with the Windows Explorer interface – so there’s no learning curve. You can access the document repository just like a disk drive, and drag and drop files into and out of TrimFiles in seconds.


Guarantee high user adoption

The biggest challenge of deploying a new system is getting everyone to use it. With TrimFiles, user adoption is never a problem because it conforms to how you work. Manage documents, information and processes without having to consult a user manual. It's intuitive, accessible from all of the programs you use and it just works.

Save to TrimFiles from any program

TrimFiles acts just like a normal drive location, so you can easily save to your vault from any program.

You already know how to use TrimFiles

Learning a new system is usually a tough, time-consuming process. Since TrimFiles looks and feels so familiar, you don't have to deal with the frustration of learning how to use something foreign.

The same interface across platforms

Whether you're using a Windows PC, Mac or Web Access via a web browser, TrimFiles looks the same.