TrimFiles 360° Approach to Project Execution

Often the beginning of a big project, be that an engineering endeavor, a large IT overhaul, launching new software, or the multitude of other potential scenarios can often seem so ...
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CLM – Contract Lifecycle Management

By definition Contact Lifecycle Management, commonly referred to as CLM, is the proactive, methodical management of a contract from initiation through award, compliance and renewal. What does that really mean ...
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Tools of the TrimFiles Trade

Managing documentation and review processes requires a proper workspace, the right toolkit, and of course it needs to be accessible to all participating reviewers. In this global landscape these processes ...
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Workflows: Automate, Disseminate & Validate

Workflows are perhaps the most customizable feature of the TrimFiles vaults. They can be complex webs of steps and conditions going all across the business landscape or they can be ...
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